An exclusive therapy to meet ALL your weight loss goals. Start now, and get slimmer and healthier body today!


Healthy BodyThis ground breaking natural weight loss treatment system is the result of years of clinical experience and research, and is effective for people of all ages. Acupuncture, traditional Chinese Herbal and Nutritional remedies have more than 2500 years of history with clinically proven results. Our AcuFit™ system is uniquely focused on the traditional Chinese Medicine's healing philosophy and the modern scientific understanding of the human body's metabolism pattern to optimize physical and emotional condition. This therapy works by regulating glucose, hormone, and fat metabolism, which have a positive effect on autonomic nervous system, neuroendocrine system, digestive function, kidney function and energy metabolism. This exceptional process, with highly specialized acupuncture treatments, herbal remedies, nutrition and diet modification techniques, enables the body to utilize food more effeciently instead of storing it as fat. By treating the abnormal fat distribution and accumulation, our system is effective for weight gains of many different causes. fit bodyAcuFit™ is your best choice for success in weight loss and optimal health.


No matter your weight loss desire, a few pounds or many pounds, a few inches off the waist or many inches, we will create a customized treatment plan that fits your body conditions, and helps you achieve your goals.


AcuDetox Inner-Balance and Body Contouring Treatment


contouring1Our Ultimate AcuDetox Inner-Balance and Body Contouring Treatment effectively and safely strengthen the internal organ’s natural detoxification process.  This therapy will visibly improves skin firmness over your entire body, dramatically reduce cellulite and reshape the body contours.  Our exclusive herbal remedies and customized botanical extracts will lift and contour the body, increase the levels of naturally-produced collagen and elastin, minimize the appearance of cellulite while firming waist, hips, buttocks, thighs, upper arms and other areas.
A Healthier-More Toned Body—From Top to Bottom. Energize and refresh your body naturally!



Real stories from our patients:

Annette: .. I came to Apex Acupuncture for weight loss ... and I lost 20 lbs and 8 inches around my waist... my skin is more radiant, my diet is better... I've just enjoyed the program completely


Jessica L: After I gave birth to my 3rd child, I weighted 198lbs. I've tried prescription pill, various diet plans, HCG, intense exercises. None worked for me. I decided to try the AcuFit™ referred by my friend because I need to try something different, plus it is a natural therapy. Nancy is very professional and gave me a very thorough consultation. I started with the program right away. In 4 weeks, I lost more than 8lbs and I had no trouble keeping it off. It is working amazingly well for me. As an added bonus from the therapy, I found my skin is tighter and firmer, especially in the waist area. I felt more energetic than ever. Sweet craving has completely disappeared. My digestion is much better. The entire therapy is so relaxing and comfortable. Thanks so much to Nancy's wonderful work.


Lynn C: I had been suffering from hormone imbalance for many years, taking prescription for it for over 12 years. But the symptoms never get completely relieved. The most stressful part to me is the weight gain (38lbs). I tried many methods to get rid of those stubborn pounds, unfortunately it always came back. I found Apex Acupuncture clinic, I decided to give it a try, because I am tried of putting more drugs into my system. Nancy performed a whole body check up, and a body composition monitor which I never had before. Afterward, I knew my body in more detail than any time before. I started the program about 3 days later, now it has been 9 weeks, I had lost 22lbs. My body is more refreshed, especially my thyroid condition is getting better too. I sleep much better, and I feel I got hope now. I have strong confidence with the therapy, because I can see it is working. Nancy is a wonderful professional physician, very knowledgeable. The office is beautiful, and I feel relaxed the moment I step in. This therapy has changed my life.