AcuRelief™ & AcuHealth™

A revolutionary natural therapy to treat chronic pain, sports injury, headaches, menopausal and premenstrual syndromes, insomnia, smoke cessation and more.


At Apex our practitioners incorporate the AcuRelief™ & AcuHealth™ systems to obtain optimal results. These systems have been cofounded by Nancy Yuan Luan and have been proven clinically in over 3,000 cases to effectively control and diminish negative health symptoms.

The AcuRelief™ system is the ideal combination of natural health therapies and modern medical modalities that are custom tailored to each individual patient’s specific health requirements, designed to provide them with quick and effective treatments for their issues. The AcuHealth™ System was created as a crucial continuing step in achieving health goals and correcting the root cause of pathologies hindering the patient’s quality of life.

The systems goals are to achieve and sustain long term treatment results. Dr. Luan has shown enormous success incorporating these systems in the treatment of Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, migraines, menopausal syndrome, premenstrual syndrome, neck and back pain, emotional disorders, allergies, digestive issues and sleeping disorders.


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Real story from our patient:


Patricia J:

I had Insomnia for the last 20 years, and a lot of stress too. After I had gone through 6 weeks of treatments, I've seen a dramatic improvement in sleep quality and energy level.  Now I sleep much better (at least 6-7.5 hours every night) and my stress level has decreased, even my hormone issues are getting better as well.  I feel my whole body is improving.  I had recommended Apex Acupuncture to 2 of my friends, and they are all very satisfied with the treatments.  Nancy is such a wonderful practitioner. The office is professional, beautiful and has created a wonderful, serene place of healing. I highly recommend this clinic to everyone!